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The Swing Improvement Series with Gregg Jones

The Swing Improvement Series with PGA Gregg Joness
This private lesson series is specially designed for those who want to make serious improvement in their game. The Winter Series utilizes Video Swing Capture as a key part of every lesson. After each session an email is sent with a copy of your swing progression, key discussion points, and targeted practice drills giving you a personalized library for future review. Here is how it works: Series Includes:
          5- 45 minute Private Golf Lessons
          5- Large Baskets of Range Balls

A Plan for Improvement: A plan is charted to improve the most important aspects of every productive golf swing. While no two swings are exactly alike, there are many commonalities that allow us to produce consistent results. We will identify the best source of power for your swing and help you create a repeatable swing motion that best complements your style, build, and ability. Target Areas Include;
Weight Shift,   Proper Grip,  Proper  Club Rotation, 
Swing Plane,   Proper “Release”,   and Energy Transfer
A Plan for Better Practice: We provide a roadmap for more productive practice between lessons with targeted  practice techniques and video drills that are E-mailed after each session.
A Plan for Continued Success: We will examine your Set Make Up with an Evaluation of Flex, Length, Weight, Shaft Peaking Point, Torque, Loft, Lie, Launch conditions, and Gapping between clubs to maximize your long term success.
The final lesson Reviews the series progress and identifies any areas of weakness. Next, a comprehensive practice plan is developed to ensure that your game is in peak playing condition by spring!

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